Pinaymom needs extra income

This working mom has to work double time, why? because it’s enrollment time again! My savings for my kids’ tuition fees are way too far from the money that I need for their enrollment. I’ve been waiting for some online opportunities but even writing jobs and online review offers are very scarce these days. If this situation continues I will be forced to find other offline income opportunity. A friend is actually inviting me to avail a free sales training offered by a networking company here. Well, I think I have no choice but to try my luck in this type of business, honestly I’m not really good in direct selling so I can’t really say what are my chances. So, goodluck to me! =)

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3 Responses to “Pinaymom needs extra income”

  1. 30ats says:

    i’ve tried joining a multi-level marketing company before, and it’s not very easy. it’s also expensive, so it was very hard trying to reel people in. could be a different story for you, so goodluck with that. ^_^

  2. pinaymom says:

    hi 30ats! i also heard a lot about how difficult it is to find success in multi-level or networking company, that’s why i’m really hesitant. anyway. thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

  3. nenoneno says:

    wish you luck! 😀