Stressful week ahead

It’s Monday and back to work again, and thank God I still have my job! Well as I said in my last post a lot of companies are suffering these days because of the world financial crisis and we’re lucky that somehow our company still survives.

Anyway, it will be a very busy and stressful week for this working mom ‘cause after work I still have to guide and teach my son and daughter for their final exams. So blogging, watching TV and  EC dropping will be limited for the meantime..Sigh..Just thinking all the things I have to do right now makes me feel tired already, it’s like I’m climbing the highest mountain or one of the tallest steel buildings in Makati!..hehe..Oh well, this is just a quick post, I’ll try to write and post something sensible next time. Bye for now..

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3 Responses to “Stressful week ahead”

  1. Ebie says:

    take it easy. and take care!

  2. jonhar says:

    hey mommyelvz, very stressful talaga kasi finals din namin!huhuhu..tapos duty pa ako sa gabi. hay nakakastress pero kaya ko to, i was born to win..hehe.

    kahapon nga, yung major exam ko tinulugan ko kasi out ko from work 6am, exam ko 7am! hay sobrang nakakahilo..hehe.

    buhay student-agent nga naman..beast of both worlds..hehe

  3. Mommy Elvz says:

    Hi jonhar! working student ka pala.. bilib ako sa mga working students.
    goodluck sa exams mo 🙂

    Thanks Ebie! take care also 🙂