My boy is sick

Yesterday when my son arrived here in our office from school I saw his face with red tiny spots! The spots are all over his face but prominent on the eye area, and a few on his ears. I asked him how he feel and he said he’s ok. I checked his body temperature if he has fever but it was normal. As I look at the red spots I suspect it to be measles but I still had doubt because I know measles is always associated with fever. Then I asked him what he ate in school thinking it could be caused by food poisoning or an allergic reaction, he said he just had pork chop for lunch. Looking at my son he seems to be fine, actually the moment he arrived here he actively played his favorite pc games- Frozen Throne and Club Penguin.

Hubby and i are worried so after office we dropped by at the nearest hospital for check up. What was the doctor’s diagnosis? He said he really can’t tell what causes the red spots by merely looking at it so he told us that he would request for a CBC test on our son to determine the real cause of the rashes. I readily agreed anyway we’re using our health card and our health insurance will cover all the medical expenses, that includes the doctor’s fee and lab tests. That’s the advantage of having health insurance, when a member of my family got sick or an emergency happens I do not worry about the medical bills. With the benefits I get from health insurance, the idea of getting term life insurance is also wandering in my mind. But I know it needs careful study and research, so better take it slowly but surely.

Anyway back to my son, the blood test result indicated that my son has viral infection and the symptoms manifested by this viral infection according to the doctor are that of measles. But the doctor said it’s still too early to conclude, his advised was to observe a few more days but he already prescribed antiobiotic and paracetamol. I hope my boy will get over this so he could go back to school on Monday.

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2 Responses to “My boy is sick”

  1. jonhar says:

    hi mommy elvs. im so happy na ok na ang anak mo. wag na wag mo syang pabayaan ha? mahirap magkasakit..hehe..

    nung nagkasakit ako minsan 1 week talaga akong hindi nakapasok. tapos no work no pay pa. hayz..buti nalang malapit na ang bakasyon. pero sa atin, sa work walang bakakasyon unless mag leave ka..hehe….thanks for all the posts. ganda. ingats!

  2. pinaymom says:

    Thanks jonhar 🙂

    Korek ka dyan sis ang hirap talaga magkasakit, naranasan ko rin ang magka flu and ang tagal ko rin na absent sa work.. buti na lang at may paid vacation leaves tayo pero kung wala..wahhhh

    take care too jonhar 🙂