I need a new office chair

I think you will agree with me.. take a look at my office chair it’s already worn out. I told our company purchaser about it and he said he’ll contact our office furniture supplier. I hope this time they will supply us with a more durable and comfortable office chair. I have tried both their fabric and leather chairs. Here’s what happened to the leather chair..

And the fabric chair..

Now which one is better, the leather or fabric chair? I guess they’re both good, it’s just a matter of choosing the right manufacturer. The life of office furniture is determined by the quality of materials used and the quality of works done by the manufacturer. So background checking is really a must! Well, i hope our purchaser will choose the right manufacturer this time.

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One Response to “I need a new office chair”

  1. eMz says:

    yup, that chair sure looks tired. hehehe