A colic baby

Yesterday my niece had a hard time calming down her fussy baby, she’s irritable and easily cries for no reason. Her pediatrician told her that she has a colic baby, i agree ‘cause I’ve experienced the same with my son when he was months old.

The major colic baby symptom is continuous crying for some periods of time, and the sound of the cry is much more intense than that of other infants. A colic cry is often described as a piercing, relentless scream. It can stop as abruptly as it starts and is often heard during or immediately after a feeding, especially in cases when it is due to acid reflux in babies. Although this crying could happen at any time, it is usually  worse in the evening.

I told my niece to try gripe water, I read it is helpful for parents that are dealing with babies with colic, gas, nausea, hiccups, and just about every other ailment. Gripe Water is an all-natural substance, so there is no need to worry about toxicity or over doing it. She said she will consult her peditrician about it. Oh well I hope it will work on her baby, I know how hard it is to handle a colic baby especially for first time mothers.

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  1. swati says:


    even my little daughter is facing the same problem as your niece child. She too does cry her heart out, especially in the evenings. And its unstopable, seems as if sumthing troubles her out because of which she does so.. Even i am in a delima as what i should be doing to get her well soon.