Women's jeans

Last Saturday I was hoping to get myself some jeans on sale, but as I said in my last post the Mall was too crowded and our time to shop was very limited so I wasn’t able to grab one.

Today as I was browsing online, doing just like the typical window shopping at a mall, I found some nice women’s jeans at ShopWiki. The one in the picture is called the Sexy New Unique Stretch Stonewashed Distressed Womens Jeans. Other styles you can find in Shop Wiki are skinny fit, boot cut, straight leg, loose fit, etc. And for the type of shades you can choose from stoned washed, dark washed, acid washed, or dirty washed.

Though I really like the one shown here, it’s so sad that I can’t wear that style of jeans anymore because of my prosthesis leg. Anyway as I said there are other styles available so I’ll just browse for more and hope to find stonewashed straight leg jeans for me. And thanks to online stores, now we can shop anytime without any hassle.

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