Thoughts on child discipline

My son and daughter loves to collect “abubots” (small little things), every time we go to the mall they always buy stuffs like key chains, stickers, rubber stamps, cellphone accessories, and small toys.

Last weekend my daughter saw this window framed eye wear ( i don’t know if I named it correct), I told her not to buy because it’s just a waste of money. I even told her, “maduduling ka lang dyan!” but she insisted so I said, “ok you will pay for it.” Since she has her own savings from her everyday school allowance  she bought it out of her own pocket.

Sometimes I have to be tough on my kids, I want them to know the value of money and learn how to discipline themselves in spending. I only allow them to buy unnecessary things and get what they want after they saved for it.  But you know what? deep in my heart I want to give them all the things that will make them happy. When kids are happy, moms are happier! BUT, I know not all things are good for them so I have to control my emotion. Anyway, those are just material things, what’s most important are the love and care their Dad and I could give them.

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  1. pinaymommy says:

    ako din mahilig sa abubot before now books na lang.