Busy mode

It’s Monday again and back to another busy week for this working mom. Actually this week is super duper busy week for me! I’ve got a lot of paper works to do plus my boss gave me another assignment about cost cutting. He said we have to tighten our belt so we have to be wise in purchasing goods for our plant operation.

Today our Company owns about 10 delivery trucks transporting chemicals in different places everyday, so imagine how much is our maintenance expenses for the whole year. Many times we exceeded our allotted budget for transportation maintenance. And with the continues price increase of auto parts and services, we really need to have a good source of cheap but quality auto supplies.  My assignment now is to find the best supplier of car lifts,  so i’ll be on “busy mode” today. hehe.. Anyway i’ll try to finish it as fast as i can so i’ll have time to blog hop and drop today which i missed doing over the weekend.

This is it for now, see yah later 🙂

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