The first fruit of my labor

Last Sunday we went to SM Baliuag and finally we were able to buy our own digicam! I managed to save a little from my blog earnings and this is the first fruit of my labor and “nose bleed days”.. hehe ^_^ Actually it was very difficult for me to decide whether to buy the cam or not, our budget for our daily expenses is really my priority but i realized it’s time for us to have this gadget. There were so many important occassions that we have attended and we can’t take souvenir photos since we do not have our camera. And also my daughter and son will have their field trip and they kept asking me to buy already, they were so makulit so i was forced to buy na. heheh.Anyway it’s a good investment na rin that’s why i gave in to their request.

I bought a Sony DSC W110 camera, i really prefer a Canon digicam but it’s too expensive so i chose this one. I hope i made a good buy.

I wish i could earn more online so next time i could buy our own desktop and printer at home. I longed to have these items so i could have more time blogging and taking more opportunities. By the way do you know where to find the best shop for computers and printers? As early as today i think it’s better that i should start searching to make sure that i’ll get the best deal and best product when i’m ready to buy. Am i right? ^_^

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5 Responses to “The first fruit of my labor”

  1. kikamz says:

    congrats mommy at meron na kayo nakita sa iyong pinaghirapan. you deserve it! keep blogging mommy ha? i know more opps will come! take care!

  2. rechie says:

    Nice digital camera you got Mommyelvz, sony really is the best.

  3. emma says:

    Congratulations! it’s really great to at least see something out of what we have worked for! more money to come for you!! 🙂

  4. Dhemz says:

    wow! congratulations…you deserve it…so that means you need to update us here with lots of photos…hehhee!

  5. pinaymom says:

    Hello Kikamz, Rechie, Emma and Dhemz! thanks for coming here 🙂

    You’re right mga sis nakaka inspire to blog more when you get something out of it.

    Yes you’ll see a lot of photos here from now on hehe..

    Have a nice day!