Need to loose weight

I notice that I’m getting bigger and fatter everyday because my office uniforms are getting tighter, which I really hate because I can’t move freely! Sadly it will take one more year before our office will issue another set of new office uniforms..Oh well I guess the best thing for me to do is to shed off my unwanted fats to be able to continue wearing my uniforms. I read that Leptorexin diet pill is effective, it has six blends of ingredients that boost energy and make you feel good enough to keep up your diet and exercise program. I might try this product but before that I think it is best to read more reviews about it to make sure that it’s really the best diet pill for me.

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One Response to “Need to loose weight”

  1. Madz says:

    hi mommy Elvz, yes done adding these additional 3 blogs of yours so total of 4! Dami hehehe, ako 3 but thought of creating another one “my journey to momhood”.. what do you think? uummm another hard work n nman…

    Uy speaking of diet, was dieting and running in the mornings 2 months before Christmas, but I had to stop for 2 weeks during the holiday season, sarap kc ng mga foods eh, christmas puddings, chocolates hehehe… In fact I put on weight again after that.. plus now that have found out that I am preggy, so had to stop completely! plus lagi ko naghahnap ng foods… heehhehe