Children and career

I read some pointers on how to balance life being a mom and a career woman and I thought of sharing this with you guys especially to all working moms like me. Hope you’ll find these tips helpful.

  • Never have a job that takes too much of your time

Your career is important, but it should not take most of your time away from your family, especially your kids.

The trick is not to spend too much time at work.

  • Do your work duties only within the working hours

Divide your duties and responsibilities well within the paid working hours of your job. If you have the power to delegate certain tasks to some of your coworkers, you can come home to your children relaxed.

  • Give quality time and effort to both your work and your family

When you are at home, spend time with your kids and focus on them.

Children value even small acts like putting them to sleep, giving them a hug or kiss, and so on.

Apply the same rule when at work. Give your full attention and dedication to your career. This will reduce problems, prevent the waste of time and effort, and eventually, the stress or fatigue associated with it.

  • Do not overwork yourself.

Even machines need to shut down, so getting complete rest or at least 8 hours of sleep is important.

It is only when you are well rested that you can think clearly and bring out the best in you for your family and your job.

  • L-O-V-E

Love your work and love your children and family.

  • Share activities together

Make it a habit to have bonding sessions with your kids. Any activity will do as long as you are together.

Shared activities provide parents and children with the connection they both need.

  • Read to your children.

Introduce reading at an early age. Establish a daily routine and allot at least 30 minutes to reading. Reading stimulates mental development. Books need not to be expensive; you can buy them from second-hand book stores.

  • Visit Parenting Sites

Instead of buying parenting magazines, make use of the internet to get some parenting help.

Parenting sites and forums are very useful especially for first-time mothers.

Nowadays, a lot of parents share and discuss parenting ideas and tips in the web.

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