Bonding moments

My son was very excited when he arrived from school. He told me about their school field trip next month. On the itinerary are La Mesa Dam Park, Science Museum and Star City. Since he hasn’t been to any of the places listed he’s really so excited to see them.  Though I want to accompany him, my disability prevents me from doing so. I can no longer manage to walk at long distances for a long time. So it would be a Dad-son moment again. I’m thankful hubby is very cooperative. There are some Dads out there who are ashamed to join school activities alone believing it’s just for Moms or some are very awkward to be with the company of Mom dominated group. Oh well in our case hubby has no choice..hehe. I just hope hubby would enjoy this school field trip and have a great bonding moments with our son. ^_^

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2 Responses to “Bonding moments”

  1. nanaybelen says:

    don’t worry, there are dads attending field trips also.I seen them soo happy with their kids . They are like mothers who are very showy proud of their kids.

  2. mat says:

    looks adorable father those father who are very supportive to their kids