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Recently i wrote about my feelings about my current job situation, and that i want to try my luck on having a home based business. But thanks to the advise of my friends and to the comment left by Windmill, i realized that opening a new business is not feasible these days considering a lot of companies are closing due to the present economic situation around the word.

Anyway i will just concentrate on blogging and will continue to find ways to earn online as a source of extra income. And since i’ve decided to take earning online seriously, my priority at the moment is to find an energy efficient desktop or lop top. I need to buy my own computer so i could take online opportunities even when i’m home.

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  1. Windmill says:

    Hi Pinay Mom,

    I own and manage a Computer business for 15 years since. My advise to you is NOT to buy a full computer set off the shelf from Computer stores OR purchase one with a payment by monthly installments.

    Here is how you could trim down your cost in getting the kind of computer that you wish to have for your intended PPP Blogging activity.

    1. You only need to change the Computer Processing Unit. That is the box which houses all the computer hardware and where everything is linked to it via cables.

    2. A value for money CPU is the one that I wrote a Post at my Blog. Here is the link to that Post –

    3. Find someone who is computer technically capable. He can assemble the various parts that I mentioned at my Post. (You may have to pay him a small token for his effort or if you’re lucky, he might do it for free, who knows… 😉

    3. You can still use all the other parts such as the keyboard, the mouse, the monitor, the speakers.

    4. Since I am not aware if you are using a Desktop or a Laptop right now, you could even make further cost savings by transferring from the Desktop these items:

    the HardDisk, the Floppy Disk Drive and the CD Rom Drive to the newly built CPU.

    If you have any further questions, you could leave a message for me at my BLog’s Message box.

    God Bless you!

  2. pinaymom says:

    Thank you so much for taking time to share all these to me Windmill. I really appreciate your advise and recommendations 🙂