Want to break free

I’ve been working for 15 years already, sometimes i’m thinking if it’s worth to continue since there’s no room for career advancement in the company i work with. I’m assigned at the quality control department where for 15 years i’ve been doing the same thing everyday. My daily routine is to wait for our plant engineer to request for chemical analysis of the sample he will submit to me. If only we had research and development department my work would be more challenging and more rewarding. But our company is too small and at this moment there’s no requirement for a research and development department in our plant operation.

Now I’m weighing the advantage of having a home based business versus staying as an employee. If i have a home based business i could spend more time with my family especially with my kids. Yeah that’s what i want, it’s my heart’s desire! I hope i could find the right home based business for us so i could finally break free from the “cage” of being an ordinary employee.

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One Response to “Want to break free”

  1. Windmill says:

    Hi PinayMom,

    In these very acute troubled and uncertain economic times, it is best that you hold on to your present job employ.

    At least until the worst is globally behind us.

    Just my two cents. 🙂