Something new for new year

I just finished preparing and cooking our food for our media noche, the whole day i was busy in the kitchen. Gladly i already have my teenage daughter now to help me, in the past i do everything by myself- cleaning, cooking, etc. But now that my two kids have grown up they’re able to assist me in doing some household chores.

Just like the other day all we did was to clean the whole house, get rid of old and worn out things that we no longer needed at home. My kids gathered their old clothes and shoes and gave them to their younger cousins, most of them are still in good condition the size just doesn’t fit them anymore. On the other hand i also gathered and replaced some of my house decors, like the old and worn out bamboo shades in my kitchen which i replaced with a new one, i thought of buying a new curtain also for our living room but i didn’t like the designs of the curtains available at SM Baliuag so i just decided to retain my old curtain until i can find the one that i really like. I just bought some small house decors and petty accessories, to welcome the new year i like our house to have a new look as well.

2009 is just a few minutes away i better say bye for now my hubby and kids are outside lighting some fireworks and sparkles already. Let’s welcome the new year with a new hope, wishing that the coming year is a glorious one that rewards all our future endeavors with success!

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