Life insurance

Have you ever think of getting life insurance or term life insurance? If you are I suggest you make a thorough study about the offers and investigate on the company’s background first.

I have a life insurance policy which I took when I was still single, it was offered by my close friend’s mother an insurance agent. Though I’m not really interested I can’t refuse out of “pakikisama.” I gave my full trust on my friend’s mom so I didn’t bother to scrutinize every details of the insurance policy. I just believe that I can count on that life insurance when an emergency arises.

Then year 2002 I became a victim of car accident, that time my mom called the life insurance company to request for financial assistance, but to our dismay I didn’t get anything from them. We found out that my insurance policy does not cover financial assistance for hospitalization. I was totally devastated and that experience really thought me a lesson that never completely trust anyone. And that you should be careful in accepting any offers on life insurance, term life insurance, or even educational plans. But inspite of what happened I still believe that life insurance is beneficial for my family and i still consider getting one for my loved ones.

Now to be sure that you get the best insurance available today, a term life insurance quote is readily available in the internet. You can get them instantly with the help of online search engines.

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