Is Nouveau Riche a scam?

This is a continuation of my post earlier about Nouveau Riche University, i decided to write a follow up post regarding Nouveau Riche because there are information circulating in the internet about Nouveau Riche Scam. At first, when you read the articles on the internet about Nouveau Riche University that offers classes for those interested in becoming real estate investors, you might think that it is just a Nouveau Riche scam.

Nouveau Riche University offers a wide variety of over 30 real estate investing and business related classes including short sales, wholesaling, fix & flip, business financial management, foreclosures, retirement plan investing, buying out of state deals and more.

So is Nouveau Riche really a scam? I don’t think so. You can check to read some of the success stories about the students who have attended the Nouveau Riche University. They quit their day jobs and have closed on numerous properties and created wealth. You’ll find proofs that Nouveau Riche Scam is not true through Nouveau Riche’s blog. Their blog features testimonies of real people who have benefited from the Nouveau Riche University. You will see how they at first barely know anything about real estate and now they are earning thousands of dollars per week with the excellent tuition provided by the Nouveau Riche University instructors. Both Nouveau Riche Board and their Alumnus try to claim the statement with promotion, seminar and publish success stories in worldwide media, to open people’s mind about Nouveau Riche University. You can check out and for more information. Hope this helps.

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