Two Pinay Moms' story on breastfeeding

Two pinay moms were featured in one of the leading newspaper here in the Philippines. The two Filipina mothers are Jane Guinto and Nuriza G. Abeja-Bungubung, they share their experiences and their reasons why despite their health condition they go against the advice and still breastfeed their babies.

I thought of sharing their story to inspire more mommies and hope to learn also from the experiences of these two certified best pinay moms!

A natural born mother

Nobody fits motherhood to a T than Jane Guinto. All her life, she wanted to have four children. She already had two, Hannah Katrina and Luis Gabriel, when she received the bad news: she had a brain tumor.

“I was at a new church then,” she recalls, “When I went inside the restroom, I met a lady, and made small talk. She said she was part of a cancer support advice group, and that got me interested. She told me that one time, she pressed her nipples and a clear, odorless liquid came out. That’s how she found out that she [had] breast cancer.”

Jane continues, “A few days after, I remembered that lady, and out of curiosity, I pressed my nipples, and I was shocked to find that liquid came out. I rushed to the doctor, and they told me I [had a] brain tumor.”

Against the wishes of her doctors, Jane got pregnant and gave birth to her third child, Sarah Anne. They also advised against breastfeeding as it might enlarge her tumor but she still did.

“You could say it’s gut feeling,” says Jane, “that pushed me to give birth to another child, and continue to breastfeed my children. I don’t believe doctors that easily, and I need proof to support their claims before I believe them.” Her tumor did not grow. She would like to think that somehow, breastfeeding her kids helped.

After two years, Jane found her “angel” once again. They met at the same church. Jane thanked the lady for their chance meeting, but the lady thanked Jane as well, saying that Jane was her gift that day because it was her birthday. She was happy that she was able to help someone.

Until this day, Jane continues to breastfeed and homeschool her children. She enjoys motherhood to the hilt and profusely thanks the Lord for all the good things that have happened to her.

A model mom

“I’ve never missed a day of breastfeeding,” proudly says former beauty queen Nuriza G. Abeja-Bungubung. This 30 year-old mother is a firm believer in breastfeeding because it helped improve not only her lifestyle but that of her children as well.

Nuriza was a victim of drastic weight changes due to her pregnancies. During her first pregnancy alone, she gained 73 pounds. Doctors advised her to drink lots of milk, and she hoarded several balikbayan boxes of it.

But this proved to be the wrong advice. It was only when she stopped drinking cow’s milk and switched to a pesco-vegetarian lifestyle (she only eats fish and vegetables) that she lost 75 pounds.

Breastfeeding proved to be extremely beneficial to Nuriza. She continued to breastfeed her son even during her second pregnancy, and because of this and her pesco-vegetarian diet, Nuriza only gained 30 pounds. After her pregnancy, she continued to lose weight because of breastfeeding. She now has an enviable 25-inch waistline.

However to accomplish this, mothers need the support of the people around them, especially their husbands. “Mothers should be empowered,” says Nuriza.

This year, Nuriza was proclaimed Breastfeeding Queen for achieving a remarkable feat: breastfeeding her two children, 4-year old Joaquin and 1-year old Amina in tandem.

Nuriza advises, “You need to commit to breastfeeding. It’s not easy, but it’s not hard. When you want the best for your children, you will definitely want to breastfeed them.”

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  1. chubskulit says:

    I am one of them… I breastfed my daughter for 18 months and I am still breastfeeding my sone and he is 22 months already.. its a great feeling that they are growing up healthy..

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