Inspiring Pinay OFWs (Part 1)

In my previous posts I have featured success stories of a pinay mompinay beauty and  pinay teens now i want to feature some inspiring stories of successful Pinay OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers). We call them our modern day heroes and it’s time to give them honor, by sharing their inspiring stories would mean we recognize their craftsmanship, their intelligence and extra ordinary work and achievements in foreign land.

I will feature a partial list of Filipinas who aside from their family are also serving the Filipino Community back in the Philippines while working abroad. They give some donations, financial help or any kind of charity assistance to those who are in need. These Pinay OFWs was featured in news, articles,  and awarded by recognized institutions. This is to inspire others and follow their path.

Partial list of names from A to L:

:: AGNES LETICIA MARERRO – She work as a maid in HK at the age of 45, but From the drudgery of house-cleaning and scrubbing bathroom floors, Manang Letty, as Marrero is fondly called, now manages a throng of family businesses based in Mt. Province: a three-pool garden resort, a dry-goods store and a banana plantation. (Phil Star/

:: AMBER MARIE ALEJO ROWLEY – Under Viva Records, Amber released her debut album that bespeaks of a unique blend of Filipino and American heritage. Amber and her songs are now gaining popularity all over the country. And with all these blessings, she does not forget to be grateful to her Maker. (Phil Star/

:: ANNA FERMIN : Filipina from San Carlos City heads famous country rock band in U.S. She is a song writer, singer and head of a famous country rock band under her name called “Anna Fermin’s Trigger Gospel” in Chicago, USA. (

:: ANNIE YANAGIDA : Filipina owns English school in Japan – A “Dabawenya” has owned and managed an English school in Japan for 20 years now. Annie Yanagida, president of the famous Annie’s English School, said she opened the school to help her husband’s colleagues learn the language. Yanagida, who is a graduate of the Holy Cross of Davao College, said Japanese are not proficient in the English language, which works against them when they get to travel outside of their country. (Goodnews Pilipinas)

:: ANTONETTE BINSOL : At one click, Binsol barrages Yahoo! email groups with numerous appeals to raise funds for an Aeta child’s scholarship, a livelihood project, and multiple other development initiatives. At another, this assistant manager at Mizuho Securities in Japan has raised the needed amounts and sends the money to intended beneficiaries. All that philanthropic effort Binsol tries to execute —from the first mile (Japan) to the last mile (the Philippines)— using her computer. She never forgot thanking 50 Filipino donors from seven countries through the website of Binsol’s cyber non-profit group Tulong Pinoy Movement, www.tpmovers. org. (Jeremaiah M. Opiniano / OFW Journalism Cons.)

:: ASIA NITOLLANO: A teenage mom from New York who is part Filipino and part African-American bested eight other contestants to become the seventh member of the all-girl pop group The Pussycat Dolls. Asia Nitollano, daughter of R&B musician Joe Bataan (Nitollano), won the first “Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll.” (Phil Star/

:: CHRISTINE AND JENNY SYQUIA -Filipina’s bags in Bloomingdale’s & Nordstrom. Their kitschy, fun styles are now carried in more than 1,700 stores in 25 countries, including Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s – a miraculous feat for a company that just celebrated its second year of business. The line is also now the fashion picks of some of the more trendy magazines and stores in the US. (Goodnews Pilipinas)

:: CONSUELO VALENCIA – A former domestic drudge in London who rose to be a successful businesswoman by setting up remittance, freight and travel services, in addition to venturing into the sales of phone cards and real estate and recruitment and publishing house business. (OFWBalita)

:: CRISTETA COMERFORD : PINAY CHEF GIVES BUSH A PAUNCH – the executive chef at the White House. The 42-year-old Comerford, a veteran of the White House kitchen for 10 years, was selected last August by US First Lady Laura Bush after screening hundreds of applicants for six months. (Phil Star /

:: DIANA RAMOS –A 20-year-old Filipino-American Skater and part of the American ice-skating group performed at the Ninoy Aquino stadium for the “Melanj on Ice” series of shows.

:: DIVINA C. PAREDES : was named best magazine feature writer (information and communications technology) during the 2007 Qantas Media Awards in New Zealand (Goodnews Pilipinas)

:: ELEANOR ODUCAYEN – Fil-Am Role Models : A role model is one who is compassionate and who feels obligated to better society and work for the common good of the community; one who has developed powerful and effective habits of the mind and soul; one who can work through challenges and is committed to what he or she does; one who has the capacity to achieve goals and obtain self-fulfillment; who possesses high standards and values; and one who is admired for courage and strength.

:: GARILANDY “GORIO” VICUNA – Barnyard: A Showcase of Pinoy Artistry – Along with Filipino musicians, Pinoy animators are the country’s best manpower exports and sources of homegrown pride. Garilandy “Gorio” Vicuna is a fine example. Bluth and Sullivan, headed by the well-known team of Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, recruited Gorio and 39 other Pinoys who passed qualifying examinations held worldwide to work on such gigantic 2D animation projects like Anastasia, Bartok the Magnificent and Titan A. E. (Phil star /

:: JANELLE SO – A broadcast journalist who worked for six years in the Philippines before moving to Los Angeles is the host of the very popular “Kababayan LA.” It is the only weekday program of its kind in the US that focuses exclusively on the Filipino-American community. (Goodnews Pilipinas)

:: JESSICA BOLANDRINA : The story of Jessica Bolandrina of Douglas, Massachusetts and a student of Boston’s Iskwelahang Pilipino is being featured in the latest best-selling inspirational book franchise Chicken Soup for the Child’s Soul 3.Her story titled, “Thinking of Others” is among the top stories featured. Chicken Soup for the Child’s Soul 3 is co-authored by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Patty Hansen and Irene Dunlap. Bolandrina was congratulated by the publishers and notified that her story was “rated in the top percentile out of hundreds of submissions.” (Goodnews Pilipinas)

:: LILY MANIQUIZ : Filipina nurse wins top U-S award Nurses – A Filipino-American has been named one of the Best Nurse Leaders of the United States by winning the 2006 ADVANCE for Nurses Journal’s Best Nurse Leader award. Los Angeles-based senior nurse Lily Maniquiz is the nurse manager of the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System’s Nursing Home Care Unit 213-2. Vital to Lara’s winning was the successful implementation of a program that she created for the reduction of patient fall incidents. This program has been adopted as model for other fall prevention programs. (Goodnews Pilipinas)

*More successful Pinay OFW’s in my next post (Part2) so please watch out for it. Thanks!

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