How to stop unwanted phone calls

Are you tired of receiving annoying phone calls from strange people or calls from telemarketers or survey companies? There’s a solution to stop those unwanted calls, there’s a website that offer services on phone number reporting. All you have to do is to report a certain phone number by posting comments under that number. Through their site you will find the list of most frequently reported phone numbers, after getting the details about those reported phone numbers you’ll be able to get rid of those unwanted phone calls.

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One Response to “How to stop unwanted phone calls”

  1. Kaushik says:

    Change your “Call Alert” to group that you want to answer… eg family. friend … etc. place the unwanted people to a group and deselect this group in your “call alert”….

    If your is an older model, allocate his number to group and then allocate the group with a empty ringtone…

    The above will make your mobile ring without ringtone, if you don’t know it ringing, your mobile will redirect to voice mail.