Appetite suppressants

In my previous post I wrote about our plan to buy fat burner for my daughter to help her loose some weight. So I did a lot of research and read different product reviews to find the best fat burner for her but I learned that it’s not recommended for a twelve year old girl to take any kind of diet pills. Then a friend informed me about using natural herbs to curb appetite, she said herbs can easily help to control ones appetite, its effect is to eat less and therefore lose weight faster. I think it’s perfect for my daughter since she really has a good appetite and she needs an appetite suppressants. The good thing about herbs is that it’s safer to use because it’s natural.

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  1. Your friend was right. Diet pills acording to my opinion is not for children. A good option will be appetite surppressing products. They help to curb food cravings and you have a feeling you are full so that your daughter does not have to starve. I wish she succeeds in reducing her weight.

  2. pinaymom says:

    Thanks for your comment and suggestions 🙂