High School Musical 3 becomes My Only U?!

Alyana asked our permission if she could watch High School Musical 3 with her friends yesterday. Since it’s the last day of their quarter exams we agreed to give her a break and relax after a week long of “sunog kilay” review days.

Husband who usually waits for our daughter outside the campus decided to go home since Alyana would be joining her classmates in their school service. After 1 hour Alyana sent a text message saying her friend told her she might not be able to enter in the movie theater because she’s wearing school uniform. Her friends brought with them their casual dresses and she didn’t. She asked her father to bring her a dress too but that’s ridiculous! our house is about 20 km away and that means it’s just a waste of gasoline to go back and forth. I just told her to go on with her friends and just try if she could  enter even if she’s in school uniform. After an hour I texted her and she told me, “Mommy we’re already inside and watching the movie.” Hmm lucky for her.

When she went home I asked her how’s the movie, only to find out they didn’t watch High School Musical 3 but My Only U instead. High School Musical 3 is not yet shown pala in the movie theater in our place! My goodness that means there will be another kulitan days ahead, I know she would beg me again to let her watch High School Musical 3 next time.

Well I think I will allow her only if her grades for the second quarter improves. And for that she should pray hard..lol

The cast of High School Musical-life size picture taken at the movie house

The cast of High School Musical-life size picture taken at the movie house

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