Mama Lutz

I’d like to share another success story of a pinay working mom, her story would truly inspire us to pursue with our own dreams…

A struggling mother, Lutgarda Alejo would rise up very early to make rounds in villages carrying a women basket filled with “linnaggang” this town’s native version of “kakanin.”

After a tiring day of selling, she would go home with less than P500 and aching feet. Alejo might have thought this routine was enough to make both ends meet for her family, but she realized she could upgrade her business.

Today, Alejo from being just a walking linanggang vendor, is a living example of success to many other linanggang makers in Baranggay Fidel Surtida.

Linanggang is a native kakanin made from cassava, rice, sweet potato, and banana, all major agricultural products of this town.
From village streets, Alejo’s native foods have now reached malls in the cities of Tabaco and Legaspi carrying the brand name “Mama Lutz Delicacies.”

Through DTI sponsored trainings,Alejo was able to develop her products and improve their packaging which just like many linanggang-makers she grew up to traditional cooking and selling.

Alejo used her savings of P15,000 to start anew. Now she does not to walk around the village to sell. She was the first among Fidel Surtida traders to bring her products to the mall. Manning two stalls in malls with a P500 is not a bad start for her, now her earnings have multiplied to P3,000 daily.

Some of Alejo’s products are tabog-tabog (vasava, sweet potato, sugar, vanilla), inagom (cassava, corn, young coconut), cassava kalamay ( latik, condensed milk, margarine, cassava, nuts), and many others.

Because of hard work and perseverance Mrs. Alejo’s success made her a ‘certified best pinay mom.’

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  1. Zriz says:

    Wow mami! parang nice idea to ah!