Contest: Win cash + gift cards

While doing my daily rounds of blog hopping I stumble on this site that’s holding a contest. The prizes are hard to resist that’s why I didn’t think twice. But what’s more interesting about the site is that Journey to Online Business Success is an online guide to bloggers. It’s aim is to give an overview on how to make money online. It also teaches to find ways to drive traffic as well as blogging fundamentals. As a newbie this is what i need.

By the way here are the Contest prizes:

1st prize – USD $50 + $30 gift card
2nd prize – USD $30 + $20 gift card
3rd prize – USD $10 + $10 gift card

A prize for 4th – 10th prize might be included should the number of people who participates exceed 200. All cash prizes will be transferred via paypal. Should paypal be unavailable the prize will be converted to gift card.

Contest will ends on 15th September, 2008. Winner will be selected through the list randomizer. Results will be posted on 16th September, 2008.

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