The best pinay mom in my life

As I’ve said this site will be dedicated to all Filipina women especially Pinay moms. And the first Pinay mom that I want to feature in this site is no other than the best Pinay mom in my life- my mother or we call her NANAY. Her name is Josie Cudia, she just turned 60 years old last May. My Nanay is a loving and caring wife and mother. She’s the brain behind our family’s business. During my childhood years I’ve seen how she worked hard hand in hand with my father. Born from a poor family, she dreamed of giving her family a different life, she set goals, strived hard to become successful and did her best to provide our needs and to send us to school. And her hard work and patience pays because from a simple sales lady she’s now the owner of a small family business that started in 1986. Through her business’ income we were able to live a descent life and finish our College degrees.

Nanay celebrating her 60th birthday!

Nanay celebrating her 60th birthday!

Through the years she deal with many challenges and battle some storms in her life but her courage, determination and faith made her an overcomer. And now she’s the wall we lean on and our shelter in every storm. March 2002 my life was devastated due to a car accident and during that most painful and difficult times in my life aside from God it was my mother and father who gave me the strength to face the most tragic moment in my life. It’s natural for a parent to help their children, but if my mother did not worked hard and tried her best to succeed, we couldn’t afford to settle my hospital bills and expenses for my medications. That mad me really thankful, through her financial support I was able to face this life with new hope though until now I’m still trying to live a normal life-did I say normal? ahh I guess that’s already far from reality now that physically I’m no longer complete. Hey I think I’m already talking about myself here! Forget about me this is my Moms moment..hehe

Well this post will go too far if I will write all the details about the fortunes and misfortunes in my Nanay’s adventurous life.. One thing that I want to share and for the world to know is that my Nanay is a certified Filipina mother and the BEST PINAY MOM in my life!

Cheers! 🙂

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