My new website:

Welcome to my new site! I’m Pinay Mom also known as Mommy Elvz in the world of blogosphere. No, I’m not the “best pinay mom” not even close. This site is not just about me, this is also about other Pinay moms, Filipina women and youths around the world.

Since this domain came to me as a blessing ( got this as a prize from an online contest), I want this site to serve as a channel to uplift the images of Filipina women as well as to showcase the talent, wisdom, and loving hearts of Filipina especially Pinay moms. Stories of successful Filipina mothers, women and youths will be featured in this site.

I will also share my thoughts about family matters, some helpful tips and resources for mothers, collection of pinoy recipes, online money making opportunities and anything that comes to mind.

I hope you’ll enjoy your stay and feel free to leave your comment and suggestions.

Have a blessed day!

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