I support “YAN ANG FILIPINA” the filipinaimages.com Campaign

I became aware of this campaign when my other blog Straight from the Heart was tagged with this topic, “Reshaping the Filipina Image Online“. I have learned that Filipinaimages.com is holding an SEO contest to encourage Filipino bloggers to blog about the word Filipina because from their observation when they tried searching for the word Filipina on major search engine like Google or Yahoo, the results are more on dating, sexy Filipina, Filipina penpal, Mail to order Filipina bride or Filipina caregivers. As a Filipina I want to support this goal to revive the image of Filipina women online.

In my three months of blogging I was surprised when I’ve learned that a considerable percentage of intelligent and talented women who share their lives, thoughts and insights online are Filipina bloggers from different parts of the world. Most of these Filipina bloggers are pinaymoms who are either working or stay at home moms. And base from their profile or judging from their blog posts, these stay at home moms in the US, Europe, Australia and other parts of the world, most of them talk about how they enjoy life and living it to the fullest, they brag about their loving husband and family, and how they use their talent in writing to earn serious money while blogging.

Pinay bloggers are the best online carrier and promoter of modern Filipina. I hope more pinay bloggers will support this campaign to voice out in the whole world that we Filipinas are worthy of respect and are always and truly proud of our race!

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